How to clean the accommodation in Spain after the purchase?


After the purchase of accommodation, people face one common problem in Spain. The problem is cleaning the place after the previous owners. On the one hand, it does not seem like a crucial issue, but on the other hand, it took to much time and effort which makes this process unenjoyable. So, how to solve this problem? The solution is very simple. It is ordering cleaning services.

Cleaning Services

Cleaning services are popular in Spain nowadays and there are many different types of them.

  • Cleaning the office
  • Cleaning the apartment
  • Warehouse cleaning
  • Garbage removal

Office cleaning

The first type of cleaning the office in other words vaciado de oficinas is mostly ordered for business purposes as it is mentioned in its name. This type of service includes 4 processes: dusting, vacuuming, disinfection, and consistency. All the dust will be removed from surfaces by a microfiber canvas. After that, the floor will be vacuumed. The next step is disinfection from bacteria by using appropriate chemicals. Finally, all unnecessary trash will be removed from the office.

Apartment cleaning

This service is similar to office cleaning. Local capital people call it “vaciado pisos Madrid“. The main difference of this type with the previous one is in the 3rd disinfection process. As an apartment is smaller and there are always people inside, using chemicals to kill microorganisms is not a good idea because of some health consequences. This type also differs from the previous one with its clients. In this case clients are ordinary residents.

Warehouse cleaning

This service is called “vaciado de trasteros en Madrid” among the residents of the capital. There are many advantages to order this service. For instance, it is safer to allow professionals to do this job. Professionals guarantee that the accommodation will be perfectly cleaned, while by doing it by yourself you may miss some important factors which must be considered. If the warehouse is perfectly clean, it affects the production of business positively. Therefore, this kind of service may be ordered for business purposes.

Garbage removal

In other words, “recogida de trastos viejos” is a process which people see in their daily life. The purpose of this service is to transport the garbage from the accommodation to the dump. This type of service-connected with previously mentioned types. Previous services include this type. However, this differs from others by the quantity of the garbage ordered to remove.


There are many types of cleaning services in Spain as the “limpieza” (cleaning) is a very important process and it is a good idea to order such service and trust the professionals.

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