Design Supervision or Why Is the Architect Required in the Construction?

The common case studies of the architectural studio are: in two months after commissioning the customer comes and blames the architect that the ventilation system is too noisy, the socket outlets are hidden behind the furniture, and the decoration elements do not match with the approved plan. Unfortunately, but the customer takes out its indignation on the architects, forgetting that the design and performance are two totally different things. The error in location of utilities only for 2 cm, wish to save and choose the material not specified in the technical specifications and other small details result in problems. The design supervision in construction and when finishing the internal premises is necessary to avoid the errors.

Key points of design supervision

Project support is time and cost savings and care of the customer’s nervous system. The architect, engineers, designers of the architectural studio visit the site regularly, supervise the process, and, if necessary:

  • make amendments to the working documents. For example, the customer has found more favourable supplier of finishing materials, but their concept is not in line with the design project. The specialist at hand may make adjustments without adverse effects in future.
  • supervise the quality of materials and installation of utilities. This is a common practice with the Russian contractors wishing to save the extra supplies. The skilled architect will see that they use the concrete of wrong grade or ventilation tubing of low quality, thus, having ensured the safety of the building and reduced the customer’s expenditures on elimination of defect.
  • keep in contact with a company performing the civil works, supervise the construction stages.
  • keep in contact with the customer informing him on the deadlines and stages of works. The customer does not need to be permanently present at the construction site; he obtains all the reports dealing with its usual matters.

What does NOT the architectural studio do?

The design supervision does not mean the total control over the performance of the design project. The architect supervises the contractor’s performance, but some aspects are the responsibility of a foreman. For example, he is responsible for:

  • quality of civil works and adequacy of workers;
  • transfer of money to the suppliers;
  • acceptance and counting of materials supplied.

If required, the architectural studio performs the additionally assigned tasks. For example, it cooperates with the contractors, informs the customer on what company breaks the deadlines or supplies the materials of improper quality. When planning the interior design, the architectural studio’s employees may select furniture, decoration and supervise its proper installation.

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