Blizzard’s latest World of Warcraft game review

Blizzard became widely known to the gaming community thanks to the creation of two strategic series StarCraft and WarCraft. In 2004, a new studio project, World of Warcraft, was released. Contrary to the expectations of gamers, it turned out to be not a strategy, but an MMORPG. At that time, the online games market was not as saturated as it is now, and the project began to enjoy immense popularity.

World of warcraft game

Features of the game
This project can be safely considered the main ancestor of the MMORPG genre. More than 100,000 active users are registered on the official WoW EU server alone. At the same time, statistics do not take into account the number of visitors to numerous pirated resources. After registration, the gamer is invited to create a character by choosing a race, appearance, name and class for him.

After that, a journey begins in the huge world of WoW off. During the wanderings, the user earns money and experience, finds various useful items that improve the character’s abilities. There are three main ways you can use the hero to level up. And if you don’t want to waste time improving your hero, use WoW Boosting Service.

Completing quests.

Completing quests. They have already been introduced by developers into the game and are issued by neutral characters (NPC). After completing the task, the character receives not only experience points and money, but also useful items. The quest system is organized so that the heroes visit the places in which they are able to survive.
Killing monsters. In the world of warcraft of Warcraft, these creatures are found in huge numbers. Gamers can travel around the clock without diminishing the number of enemies.
PvP battles. In this mode, you can fight against real opponents, not computer-controlled bots.
The experience points earned are spent on pumping the character, and for the money you can buy more powerful weapons or cool armor.

Game process

It should be said right away that the game is paid on the official server. It is the need to purchase a client and a subscription that is the only drawback of the project. Of course, you can register on one of the many pirate servers of Worth Warcraft, but the maximum pleasure from the game can be obtained only on the official one.

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