Zcash prepares for his first hard fork

Zcash released new software in preparation for the first large-scale update.

The SOFTWARE was called “Overwinter” and should be activated in June. Since this update will be implemented through hard fork, all users will need to be updated.

According to a blog post, Overwinter will include “versioning, dual play protection when upgrading your network, improved performance for transparent transactions, a new transaction expiration feature, and more.”

However, although Overwinter and contains all of these changes, he would need to do another update.

This update, which was named Sapling, should occur in September. The second update should reduce the amount of space required to store private transactions, as well as the mechanism that underlies the blockchain – zk-snarks.

According to reports from the zcash forum, the team several times postponed the release of Overwinter, citing the need for additional time to review the code and fix bugs discovered during testing.

As of February 27, “manual testing of release candidate” is still ongoing.

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