Tezos Foundation announces an additional set of developers

Tezos Foundation announced on Friday an additional set of developers in Paris.

The new employees will help the Foundation to “work on the main task” in the development of the Tezos Protocol, as well as in its promotion among potential users.

The Foundation increases resources and support for the Tezos development team in Paris. The team should increase to about 35-40 people. Recruitment is already underway.
Just over a week ago, there were major changes to the Board of the Fund, namely, former President Johann Gewers resigned and was replaced by community leader Ryan Jesperson.

A few days before that among the advisers of the Fund Tezos joined the founder Polychain Olaf Carlson-Wee, senior Vice President of Alstom Digital Mobility, Pascal Clair, and venture investor Hubertus, Tonhauser.

All of these changes are the result of an approximately one-month litigation between project founders Arthur and Kathleen Breitman and Gevers. In addition to disagreements inside the company and added more lawsuits from the participants of the ICO, during which managed to raise 232 million dollars.

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