Monero declares war on ASIC manufacturers

The reason for such decisive actions was the growing concern of the crypto-currency miners who are using for video card production. They are all wondering what to do if Bitmain or another mining farm manufacturer develops an Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) for the Cryptonight lane, the hash algorithm “Proof of Work” (proof of operation) of the XMR.

In a statement made on Sunday, the developers of Monero tried to calm the users by explaining to them that they would strive to improve the network’s resistance to ASICs, slightly modifying the PoW algorithm with each planned hard-core, which occur twice a year. These changes will remain unnoticed for ordinary XMR users, but each time changing the hashing algorithm of the network, they will achieve that the Cryptonight ASIC miners will become unusable after each fork.

In the event that these planned PoW adjustments are not enough to secure mining from ASICs, Monero is ready to conduct “A very powerful hardtop, just to contain any potential threat from ASICs.”

According to the developers, such a proactive position will preserve the equality and decentralization of the Monero mining, at least until the ASIC industry becomes the same. If you are interested in virtual reality experience franchise feel free to click on the link earlier

“ASIC can become an inevitable development for any” Proof of Work “, – says the message dEBRYUNE, dnaleor and the project Monero – but we believe that any transition to a network where ASIC dominates and should be maximally egalitarian in order to maintain decentralization. At the moment, we suspect that any new Cryptonight ASIC will not be egalitarian and will not contribute to the safety of decentralization of the network. “

The authors warn that since the ASIC market is currently dominated by a small group of producers, primarily the Chinese giant Bitmain, state regulators should have made these companies integrate emergency switches in the farms or make them sell ASICs and only those customers who received special state licenses.

The first adjustment of PoW will be implemented on the next Monero network, scheduled for March.

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