Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange is experiencing technical problems…again

Today, around 11 am, The coinbase cryptocurrency exchange reported that the purchase and sale of Bitcoin (BTC) is “available intermittently.”

The notice on the Coinbase website States:

“The current problem with one of our processes leads to the fact that the options for buying and selling Bitcoin are temporarily unavailable. Our team is working to fix the problem, to restore the full service as soon as possible. Coinbase customers may experience failures when buying or selling BTC until this issue is resolved. We apologize for any inconvenience caused”

The official tweet from Coinbase Support, reporting a technical issue, caused a lot of negative comments from users. Some claim that their funds have been frozen long before that.

Earlier this month, Coinbase experienced technical problems of a different nature. Customers who have used credit or debit cards have observed re-write-off fees in their Bank statements. The Visa payment system assumed full responsibility for the incident, refuting the rumors about the involvement of the exchange itself. The statement did not explain what was associated with unauthorized write-offs.

On may 25 last year, Coinbase was temporarily out of service. As reported by management, the reason for this was “unprecedented amount of traffic”.

In mid-January, problems arose with Kraken exchange cryptocurrencies, which remained unavailable for more than two days after the planned two-hour service was delayed due to an error in the working process.

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