Charlie Lee about the Nano project: too good to be true

Yesterday, Charlie Lee, the founder of Litecoin cryptocurrency, which is in the top 5 cryptocurrency, made a post on reddit, in which he said that he was interested in the Nano project, but some points seem to him “too good to be true”.

High-level scalability, decentralization, no commissions, instant transactions… All this seems to me too good to be true. After all, you will need to sacrifice something, right?

Then Charlie asked a few questions about the functioning of the network of Nano:

1) What happens if the network is split and both halves will vote for conflicting blocks?

2) I know that the activity of the validators is not rewarded now. It is a force that can lead to centralization. How is it planned to solve this problem?

3) When the coins (transactions) are considered to be confirmed? Can a sent transaction be canceled if a conflicting transaction appears on the network and the validators vote for it?

4) as computers become more powerful, PoW becomes easier. If the system to adjust the level of difficulty? If not, then there is a risk of DDoS attacks.

5) it Seems that spam attack (with a large number of transactions) can be quite easily and cheaply realized. It will be difficult for some people to maintain full nodes, and this will lead to centralization. Are there any plans about this?

The post Charlie has received 710 review, including, it said, and the official representative of the Nano. Although the answers were not exhaustive, Charlie spoke positively about the idea of the project and what has been achieved so far.

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