Bitmain: April 25 will be the release of the new model Antminer B3 for mining Bytom

Bitmain team is proud to announce to its subscribers the upcoming release of its new device Antminer B3, which will be held April 25 at 11:00 (GMT + 8).

The new Antminer model is designed for Bytom cryptocurrency mining.

Bytom (BTM) is one of the thirty largest digital assets. To reward miners reserved 33% of all coins, which is 693 million BTM. The issue of Bytom cryptocurrency is 1.4 billion coins.

The most interesting thing is that the official launch of the main coin network took place today, April 24. Bytom switched to a new algorithm of Tensority, which made some changes to the code and made the network more friendly to ASIC miners,-the developers of this cryptocurrency say.

Antminer B3 Features:

Hash rate: 780H/s
Power consumption: 360W ±7%
The initial cost will appear after the release of the device, but some sources indicated the cost of 17 000 Chinese yuan ($2694.63)
Quantity: only 2500 PCs.
Shipment: 01.05.18 – 10.05.18

This is all that is known at the moment. We will follow the updates.

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