Bitcoin overcame the $ 9000 mark and continues to grow

On February 14, Bitcoin’s price on the world’s major crypto exchange markets resumed growth.

According to Coinmarketcap data for the last 24 hours Bitcoin added 7.77% in the price and now trades at around $ 9,304. Does this mean that the dark times for the main crypto currency are over and traders are in a good position to buy it for medium-term investment?

It looks like Bitcoin is determined to exceed $ 10,000 and it seems that he will do it from day to day. Nevertheless, the tension in the market is still felt, and the negative hypotheses regarding the crypto currency continue to be put forward.

The catalyst for this growth was the statement of the South Korean regulators that they are “loosening the grip” with respect to the crypto currency. By the way, if you need quality repair home air conditioning at a low price – follow the link.

The government of South Korea made it clear that it will allow crypto-exchange exchanges to operate in the country. Such news could not but please traders who were very much afraid of a direct ban on trading on one of the world’s largest digital asset markets.

Politicians will focus on making trade transparent and transparent, not banning it, said Hong-Namkee, the minister for the coordination of government policy. This was the first coordinated response of the government to public outcry caused by the proposal of the Ministry of Justice to close the crypto-exchange exchanges.

Decrease in volatility in the market криптовалют specifies that from the market speculators are gradually leaving. It remains to wait, when regulators of different countries will ease pressure and the establishment of the crypto-currency industry as a legalized business will begin.

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